Initiating and maintaining systems in departments of corrections is a complex and daunting task. Custody staff, clinical staff, and administrators often approach corrections with different training, approaches, and priorities, and little exposure to each others’. Parole agencies face an evolving evidence base on reducing risk and recidivism. Budget and policy changes bring constant pressure. Just the vast numbers of prisoners and staff introduce complexity.

Many prison systems and jails are implementing or revising major systems – health care, mental health care, discipline, reasonable accommodations for disability, use of force, classification, parole services, parole revocation - under court order or for policy or budget reasons.

Ginny Morrison oversees the design and operation of these systems through Special Masterships. Using conflict management principles, she works with staff from all affected departments to improve interdisciplinary understanding and seek quick and lasting solutions. She leads conversations to identify effective existing practices, as well as obstacles and staff’s solutions to them. She coordinates negotiations between corrections and prisoner attorneys to reach practical solutions for court-ordered reforms. That way, we strike the right balance between sensible, safe corrections practice and prisoner rights and dignity.


"Her unique ability to grasp complex issues and to bring both sides together working toward a common solution in a cost effective and collaborative fashion is a rare skill that resulted in tremendous progress toward compliance with complex federal court orders."

Afghanistan (Jacksoncam, 2011)

- Mike Brady
   Assistant Secretary, CDCR Audits and Court


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